About CDGN

CDGN stands for the Creative Designers Guild of Nigeria. It is the umbrella association for the four (4) departments of Costume Design, Makeup Artistry and Hair Styling, Property Management / Mastery and Set Design.

The Guild was established in the year 2002 in the city of Lagos when the Nigerian film industry saw the need to professionalize. Creatives who worked in similar departments came together and formed an interim group which organized elections.

From the year 2002, the guild has grown from the state of Lagos to having members drawn across the Nigerian federation. As of 2023 the guild has presence in 16 states with 11 fully fledged state chapters administered by elected creative professionals.

Membership is open to all practitioners with documented expertise in the four departments. The membership process starts with procurement of registration forms and a period of orientation after which successful applicants of the screening process are admitted as either full, associate or trainee members.

In its 21 years the guild has had 3 presidents . The inaugural President of the guild is Iyen Agbonifo Obaseki , fta. Her administration was followed by that of Sele O Sele . The current president is Joy Osawaru Akinyemi.

President Joy was elected to office on Thursday June 29 2023. She leads a team of 8 executives and the formal Inauguration of the cabinet with a renewable tenure of 3 years comes up on September 29 2023 in the city of Benin in Edo State.

Our Mission

  • To empower the creative designers in Nigeria to earn decent wage and ensure their dignity is intact.
  • To increase the marketability of the creative designer by access to opportunities to upgrade skills, outlook and enterprise capacity.
  • To be a support network for the creative designer both near to and far from home.
  • To protect the interests of the creative designer in the pursuit of decent livelihood from fair wages.

Our Vision

To keep raising the bar and advancing the cause of cultural authenticity, creative ingenuity with adaptive resilience as we ennoble the production value of our stories in all aspects of our craft.

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